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Aside from that, Mrs. Lincoln. How was the play?'s Journal
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Saturday, April 13th, 2002
12:38 pm
oh fuck yes!
ghost dog is on!

its the samurai showdown
samuraw showdown
12:36 pm
wut you got in that bag?
wut you got in that bag?


roll out
Friday, April 12th, 2002
11:39 pm
that mitsubishi commercial makes me want to learn how to dance the robot. damn... i also want to learn how to breakdance. another thing to add on my 'to do before death' list

56. breakdance
57. do the robot
11:26 pm
disregard our forefathers
gunna make the world ours
cast away pretentious bullshit/ aint gunna get us too far

rebellion from our teachings
make the preachers stop the preaching
lock up old man joe/ throw away the key

dismissing the big picture
forget about bad posture
speak our minds/ lash out against aged creeds

*gunna find a way
gunna find a new place
gunna destroy it
and build a new race
its the youth revolution (whaoh-oah!)
it's the youth revolution (whaoh-oah!)
gunna make it ours!

fuck old idealogy
kids these days they just don't know how to behave
... chaos - stalks the land
with... gun and cross in ha-and
they'll try to take it back
make it like it once was
white picket fence rebuilt
Mccarthyism lives again
why can't they just learn from the past

11:05 pm
juice boxes and cheetos.
the essence of life.

'this is my rifle...'
Thursday, April 4th, 2002
11:18 am
live journal messed up the spacing heres the corected version

Monday, April 1st, 2002
11:19 am
i want to kill this person....

RockerBaby330: hey bud! wuts up?!
dorks n stoics: nuthin
dorks n stoics: im taking the van
RockerBaby330: soo ur takin da train??!
dorks n stoics: speak like a normal human being. you dont need to type in ebonics
RockerBaby330: ok Yann, how is this? Are you taking the train?!
dorks n stoics: no, the van.
RockerBaby330: FROM BREWSTER??
dorks n stoics: from grand central dumbass
RockerBaby330: are we gunna be on the same thing
dorks n stoics: no
dorks n stoics: ur on the train. im on the van
RockerBaby330: but the van picks us up there u RETARD
dorks n stoics: no it picks up at grand central you idiot
dorks n stoics: and then it drives to school.
RockerBaby330: ur a faggot the van picks us up at brewster
RockerBaby330: after the train
dorks n stoics: your on the train. you get off at brewster and then you take a van to school you idior
RockerBaby330: not ur van?
dorks n stoics: no
RockerBaby330: oo so there are 2 totally different vans?
dorks n stoics: yesss
RockerBaby330: ooo i c
RockerBaby330: soo there isnt just 1?
dorks n stoics: no
dorks n stoics: how do you think i got home last march?
dorks n stoics: on the van.
RockerBaby330: umm u took the train with me!
RockerBaby330: faggot
dorks n stoics: no i didnt
RockerBaby330: yea with me and u and dave played the sorry game
dorks n stoics: i was on the van you fucking dumbass. are you smoking crack? i was on the van and i used tristans headphones
dorks n stoics: that was for just going home on the weekend.
dorks n stoics: not for vacation you idiot
RockerBaby330: oo yah
RockerBaby330: lozer
RockerBaby330: soo
RockerBaby330: wud up dog?
RockerBaby330: me eider im soo bored, rnt chu?
RockerBaby330: kdin
dorks n stoics: im not a dog
RockerBaby330: ya u are all boys are dogs
dorks n stoics: and im not Chu
RockerBaby330: would u rather i call u a pig
RockerBaby330: noo im not gunna clal u a pig bc pigs are cute and considereite
RockerBaby330: bye
Sunday, March 31st, 2002
5:02 pm
4:56 pm
i&apos;m Mayor!
12:53 am
where have all my socks gone? seriously. i have like 2 pairs left. i think ive left a pair on every place ive ever slept in (the couch, friends houses, etc.)
12:31 am
im really bored.
12:30 am
after alls dead and gone all youre fucking work is going to be for naught!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sucks to be you dont it?
12:24 am
packing is only fun when you're listening to a mix someone gave you.
packing is only fun when it's for a bitch ass road trip to vermont with your friends.

i dont have a mix that someone gave me.
and i sure as hell am not going on a bitch ass road trip to vermont with my friends.

DIEEEE!!!!!!!!!!diediediediediediediediediediediediediediediedie!!!!!!!!!!!! i stab you!!!!!!!!! YOU DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! DIEEEEEEEEE BEEEEEEEAAAAAAAATTTTTTTCCCCCCCCCHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!
12:15 am
lemme break it down for ya'll
actually, no one is gunna really be interested at all. but i feel like bitching about having to go back to school. and i cant pack till i ramble on about how much school sucks....... so here goes yaans Top Ten List on how hes going to survive the last 2 months of hell... i mean school.

10. reclusiveness is the key. ill lock myself in my room with a book, cd's and lots of porno. oh yeah, food too. so ill never have to come out. and ill connect a walkie talkie systems to my classes so it jives well with getting grades and all.

9. drugs and alcohol. not much more i can say there.

8. music. i can sit in my own world with my own headphones and everything else will be non existant so fuck off!

7. my bass guitar. i love you bass guitar. i want to sex my bass guitar up. my bass guitar is so sexy. 'just me and my bass guitar! uh!' break it down with the funkadelic slap bass!

6. ritual suicide. simply put.

5. the future. i can survive solely on thinking how bizzitchin the summers going to be (really cool surfshop job, surfing, skating, shows, booze, surfing, shows, booze and surfing, surfing at shows, and hopefully i'll fit some bitches into there... ROCK!)

4. movies. if only i had a laptop that played dvd's. but ill just borrow the french kids one (i got goodfellas, usual suspects, dumb and dummer, both ace venturas, office space, king pin, 5 element, monty python and some other stuff! boo ya!).

3. masterbation. Did i say masterbation. i was just joking around. heh... heh... ummm..... yeah.... uhhhh.....

2. fuck! i cant come up with a two. i dont know.... the weekends in the city. no! fuck that! i hate school! it sucks so much i can only come up with 9 things to survive it.

1. killing spree. 'nuff said.

oh wait, i thought of something for number 2. The canadien chick at my school! ::drool::

oh yeah, while everyone was having fun at C-squat i stayed home and watched movies. good ones came on today actually Natural Born Killers, Virgin Suicides (ROCK ROCK ROCK! its really good. very depressing ending), south park, the talented mister ripley (so so)

Current Mood: quixotic
Saturday, March 30th, 2002
7:39 pm
boredom should be classified as an actual disease.
i swear to god i am going to die of boredom
i didnt do shit this vacation
this vacation sucked
actually, it didnt suck
it just wasnt good
it was fucking mediocre
and seeing LOC would have made so much better
but no, my brother has to have his birthday today. so i have to be thre.
i was hoping to have a moral epiphony from sacrificing LOC for my brother.
fuck that...
werd biatch
Friday, March 29th, 2002
12:52 am
im really likin bright eyes now
something vague
12:35 am
et fucking sucks. the only good part is when the wholesome 70's kids calles his littlre brother 'penis breath'
12:35 am
FUN DAY!!!!!!!!!!
one day i swear to god im just gunna set my house on fire. or kill everyone... but in a good way.... wow, ive been listening to MEshuggah, Dillinger Escape PLan, Boy Sets Fire, and Most Precious Blood all day. no wonder im fucking phycho. now excuse me i must retreat to the death room.
12:34 am
one day i swear to god im just gunna set my house on fire. or kill everyone... but in a good way.... wow, ive been listening to MEshuggah, Dillinger Escape PLan, Boy Sets Fire, and Most Precious Blood all day. no wonder im fucking phycho. now excuse me i must retreat to the death room.
Wednesday, March 27th, 2002
3:14 am
tyler says....
who wants to star a big manly, beefy fight club? GRUNT! see i just grunted like a manly viking or an ogre of some sort! grrr! it'll be fun. we can do it in the basement of..... some yuppie bar! yeah! im just popping full of great ideas tonight.
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